Cottage in Bamburgh

Our Bamburgh Cottage

Hi there, Nigel here. Just a quick update on where we are with our House in Bamburgh, The Grey Goose .

We purchased the little ex authority property in April 2015 with the intention of refurbishing immediately ready for rental in the height of the summer season 2015. Phil and Liz, the lovely couple selling to us were about to emigrate to Spain and were in the process of buying a property.

Unfortunately their purchase fell through and they were left looking for a property to rent in the Bamburgh area whilst they sought another property in Spain. Sue and I had a think and decided that it might be in both parties interests if they were to rent the property back from us until they found a new property. It would save an awful lot of upheaval on Phil and Liz's part and it meant that we could wait until the New Year before starting with refurbishment.

Phil and Liz have found a property in Spain and we are all hopeful that the purchase is going ahead. If everything goes to plan they will be heading out there at the end of February 2016 and we will be moving in with Steven, our intrepid and patient builder.