Cottage in Bamburgh

March Update

Well we have had the electricians in doing their first fix. They have done a fantastic job held up slightly by our inability to make definite decisions. These houses were definitely built to last and every wall is brick. there are no stud walls here. This means that every new pice of wiring has to be chased down the walls. A lot of drilling and hammering.

At this point I have to mention our neighbours, Chris and Andy Henson next door, Jimmy and Fiona Scott and Gordon. They have all been very understanding and helpful. We could not have asked for a nicer group of people. 

We were always going to open up the downstairs to an open plan configuration. However we didn't have hard and fast plans. Initially we were going to leave a feature wall with a complete walk round area.

Sue went off to Amsterdam last weekend and Sally, her besty, who is an interior designer, put it to us that we would be better knocking through rather than round. We acceded to her superior knowledge and let Steven, our builder, know. He takes everything in his stride. A larger steel required but I don't think they have started cutting the steels yet. Oh, by the way, we are also knocking the gable end down to make the kitchen open plan too. Another 4m steel for that! 

So to recap, 4 walls are coming out downstairs to make one larger open plan area. There is quite a bit of structural work upstairs to make a new entrance to the two bedrooms which will then allow us to open up the bathroom giving us 50% more space. The water tank into the loft and both chimneys including stacks to be dismantled and removed.

With all the work that has been going on, the kitchen which we were hoping to retrieve, has taken a hammering and we are looking at replacing it now. Steven and Michael are up today discussing the dismantling of the chimneys and roof refurbishment.

Happy Days!!