Cottage in Bamburgh

April Update

We are now at the terrifying stage. Supporting walls are coming down, huge steel support girders are going in and you can see the sky through the roof from the front room!!! Steve and Darren (Building team) have made the statement that the two chimneys are the most difficult that they have ever had the misfortune to come across. 4 days to remove the ground floor section alone and enough bricks to almost build another property. It has been worth it though. We can see the space that will be created by all this demolition and it will be so much lighter. I dread to think what Liz and Phil would make of it if they walked in now.

The roof has had the the chimney pots and stack dismantled and the roof is now restored as if a chimney had never been there. Thanks to Michael for this excellent piece of craftsmanship. Michael is now moving on to the rear garden where he will start to creat a gravel drive, remove the obscene Leylandii and replacce with a fence and garden gate.

Finally we have made the decision as to how we are going to deliver central heating and hot water. After much research and humming and hahing over Oil, Liquid Petroleum Gas or Electricity we have decided to go with the Liquid Petroleum Gas. Electricity was favoured due to its efficiency, cleanliness and maintainence free aspect but we could not figure a way to deliver hot water at the correct flow rate without needing both a boiler and an immersion tank. We will be converting the bathroom to a shower room with an extra toilet. The bath is coming out completely.


Oil was ruled out as the boiler would take up too much room in the kitchen area and we would need to install a large tank in our already limited garden space. Calor have come to our rescue and will install a 2100 litre tank in our front garden (below ground). The tank will have telemetry and we should never have to worry about an empty tank. Calor will be remotely informed of a low level and they will come and top the tank up as necessary.

This will allow us to install a standerd wet radiator central heating sytem which will run with the hot water system from a standard condensing combi boiler installed in the loft.